Her passion for solving the health care crisis started as a young athlete in a rural farming community in North Dakota, where she was taught the value of work ethic, character and strong values. Growing up in a rural community fueled her desire to grow and learn a new way of thinking and break through the limits that were placed on women both personally and professionally. Dr. DelRae Messer graduated magna cum laude from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2007. 

After creating a sustainable lifestyle weight loss program in her Chiropractic office, helping thousands of people achieve their weight loss and health goals, she moved her business online, becoming an executive partner with Isagenix International, a global nutrition and well-being company, where she serves on their field advisory board, was named Woman of the Year in 2021 and is a Legacy Club Member.

dr. delrae is a wellness entrepreneur with global impact

As a working mother, she is passionate about helping working women feel understood. balancing the stress of dual role responsibilities and demands of home and work life. She was once a single mom in transition, facing financial and emotional overwhelm and has committed her life to solving the problems working women - and especially working mothers face. She believes social impact entrepreneurship can help people find lasting fulfillment through contribution and impact. She has found volunteerism through natural disaster relief work to be a key factor in helping her navigate uncertainty and personal and professional challenges. She studies and speaks on the topic of the neuroscience of service and how it positively influences our mental health and emotional wellbeing.

her mission is to help others reach their highest potential and step into their purpose.

In 2020, she funded the writing, illustration and printing of an International Stevie Award and Impact Players Award winning children’s coloring book called, When We All Stayed Home, followed by a Spanish edition, Cuando Todos Nos Quedamos En Casa, a 2nd edition, When We All Wore Masks, and a final edition, When We All Got Vaccinated, to help children process the emotional trauma of the COVID global pandemic with Headwaters Relief Organization, where she is a board member. 

Her most recent project included co-creating 2000 baby dolls of diversity partnered with the writing, illustration and printing of a children's book on the prevention of human trafficking. The project allowed her to invest her community in give back experiences to create awareness around diversity, inclusion and mental health. 

as a global change maker, one of her greatest strengths is resilience and inspiring resilience in others.

She enjoys global travel, experiencing different cultures through connection and stories, pilates, hiking with her partner, cooking and baking with superfoods and plant based nutrition with her 2 girls Mckenna, 18 and Gianna, 8 and trying new things. She loves spending quality time with her parents and 3 siblings and can be usually be found with an AirPod in her ear, listening to a podcast or audible of another social impact entrepreneur's story. The pandemic and a close family member's recent cancer diagnosis has taught her that true fulfillment is found in the small, meaningful and intentional moments we create with who and what matters most. She believes the legacy we leave is not in what we achieve, but in how we have left others feeling, once we are gone.

Her hobbies and interests include anything that satiates her curiosity.

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Dr. DelRae believes in bridging the gap in health care, taking into account the social determinants of health that are often missed, such as loneliness, the mental health burden of caregiving, access and affordability of healthy nutrition, nutrition education, work fulfillment, and the systemic inequalities that place limits on the changes people can make to their health.

With extra certifications in motivational interviewing, Dr. DelRae can take the time to listen and seek to understand where you are and most importantly, provide the education, empowerment, resources and tools to help you get to where you want to be.

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The Wellspoken Retreat was life changing! The leaders created a space where every woman was truly seen, heard and loved for who they were. We were able to take off any mask or labels and show up as our true self. To be able to show up so vulnerability takes a special person to create such an environment and the Well Spoken team did that! Deep connections were made and you walk away feeling so empowered and loved that it sparks a light in you to follow your greatest desires for YOUR fulfillment. Forever grateful to be a part of this life changing community of women. 

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