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In the realm of health, our well-being isn’t solely shaped by genetics or lifestyle choices; it’s profoundly influenced by our social environment. The social determinants of health, encompassing various factors beyond medical care, play a pivotal role in shaping our overall well-being.

Understanding Social Determinants of Health

Social determinants encompass elements such as socioeconomic status, education, employment, physical environment, and social support networks. These factors significantly influence access to resources, opportunities, and support systems, ultimately impacting health outcomes.

Loneliness as an Epidemic

In today’s hyper-connected world, loneliness has become an epidemic, with profound consequences on our mental and physical health. Despite increased connectivity through technology, many individuals experience feelings of isolation, disconnection, and loneliness.

In his book, Together: Why Social Connection Holds the Key to Better Health, Higher Performance, and Greater Happiness, author & U.S. Surgeon,  General Vivek H. Murphy shares stories and insights on our Loneliness Epidemic. 

“Intimate, or emotional, loneliness is the longing for a close confidante or intimate partner—someone with whom you share a deep mutual bond of affection and trust. Relational, or social, loneliness is the yearning for quality friendships and social companionship and support. Collective loneliness is the hunger for a network or community of people who share your sense of purpose and interests. These three dimensions together reflect the full range of high-quality social connections that humans need in order to thrive. The lack of relationships in any of these dimensions can make us lonely, which helps to explain why we may have a supportive marriage yet still feel lonely for friends and community.”

Impact on Well-being

Loneliness isn’t merely a fleeting emotion; it can have severe implications for health. Research indicates that chronic loneliness is associated with increased stress levels, depression, anxiety, compromised immune function, cardiovascular issues, and even premature mortality.

Unfortunately, loneliness is a hard cycle to break, as depression and anxiety make it harder to connect with other people, and this can deepen the pain of loneliness.

Addressing the Loneliness Epidemic

Understanding the impact of loneliness prompts the need for proactive measures to address this issue. Initiatives promoting community engagement, social connections, and meaningful relationships play a crucial role in combating loneliness.

I am passionate about cultivating connection through new experiences that reinforce wellbeing. 

Building Supportive Communities

Fostering communities that prioritize inclusivity, empathy, and support can mitigate the effects of loneliness. Encouraging social interactions, volunteering, joining interest groups, and participating in community activities can strengthen social bonds.

What often matters is not the quantity or frequency of social contact but the quality of our connections and how we feel about them.


The social determinants of health, including the epidemic of loneliness, underscore the importance of nurturing supportive environments for our overall well-being. Recognizing the profound impact of social connections and actively engaging in meaningful relationships can significantly contribute to a healthier, happier life.

In a world where connectivity often seems abundant yet isolation persists, prioritizing genuine human connections and creating communities that foster inclusivity and support remains vital for our collective well-being.

We all need to know that we matter and that we are loved.

January 23, 2024

The Wellspoken Retreat was life changing! The leaders created a space where every woman was truly seen, heard and loved for who they were. We were able to take off any mask or labels and show up as our true self. To be able to show up so vulnerability takes a special person to create such an environment and the Well Spoken team did that! Deep connections were made and you walk away feeling so empowered and loved that it sparks a light in you to follow your greatest desires for YOUR fulfillment. Forever grateful to be a part of this life changing community of women. 

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